How long is the "Free Trial"?

September 25, 2012 9.8k views
I signed up for a free trial, got called away from my pc come back 3 hours later and my account is susspended and you want $5 to activate it! not even used the free trial to see if it's any good!!!
5 Answers
I signed up for a free trial and immediately attempted to create a droplet. I get an error saying the account is suspended. I tired signing up again under two other email addresses and got exactly the same results.
Sorry to hear that Howard if open up a support ticket we can get that squared away for you.

I also found it a bit annoying and an anomaly in my opinion. I was in the middle of setting up something and suddenly it evaporated. I believe the global warming had affected all the Oceans, including DO! I checked my mail. looked at all the pages on website but that information (exactly how long) is not here. It just says it is time limited and will end when trial is finished, untill payment info is updated. So this part needs some improvement. Had I known it is for one day only, I would not have wasted my time.

Best of luck to everyone.

Inderjeet S Sodhi
The trial length is in the email customers receive when they sign up. The trial starts from when the customer makes the account.
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