How many uploads can my server handle ?

July 7, 2015 2.3k views
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I’m running the 10 dollar a month droplet with fedora linux and nginx.
Behind nginx I’m running a Flask REST endpoint with gunicorn (running 4 workers)

I have a web app that uploads approx 5 - 10 mb of images as base64 strings to the flask endpoint.

My question is “How many simultaneous uploads will this end point be able to handle ?”

The app I’ve made is for a humanitarian relief project and I haven’t had chance to do loads of testing (things have been moving quite rapidly). Initially we were planning to only run with approx 10 people but now there is a an issue and we may need to increase the amount of people using the app, possibly to 50. Maybe to 100.



1 Answer

We wouldn’t know as it’s application/platform dependent. You’d need to run a benchmark and find out, ApacheBench (ab) can help you with this.

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