Tools and tips for users as they deploy applications to a server, a process that includes installation, activation, and update automation.

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    • Question

      How to deploy spring application on DO?

      Hi, I’m creating a spring web app and would like to deploy it on Digital Ocean. I can see it is quite simple to deploy React through github. Is it the same case with Spring?
      2 answers1 day agoBy SandyNavyMantaRayDeployment
    • Question

      Deployment error in simple node.js app

      When I try to deploy from web page I get rapidapi-example@0 .0.0 start[usfeelweapi] [2022-05-22 21:29:26] > node ./bin/www[usfeelweapi] [2022-05-22 21:29:26][usfeelweapi] [2022-05-22 21:29:27] node:internal/modules/cj...
      Accepted Answer: I fixed it just changed “start”: “node ./bin/www” to “start”: “node app.js”
      1 answer2 days agoBy kthawkinsApplicationsDeployment
    • Question

      How to setup a staging environment

      Hey, I would like to have two different apps (nuxt apps) one for staging (testing things) and one for production. I set those up under Apps and everything is running so far. But how can I distinguish between productio...
      1 answer4 days agoBy Alexander GutheilDeployment
    • Question

      Why the deployment fails ?

      I connected to a repo here, but it fails to deploy.Can you help me with getting a hosting service?
      2 answers5 days agoBy Dr. Daniel ArmaniDeploymentGitHub Actions
    • Question

      How to get StrapiJS running as an API?

      Hello, i’m new to DigitalOcean and new to JS as a server language. I was triggered by an article, which shows an 1-click-deployment for strapiJS. Registered at DO, i could not find it, so i clicked an Ubuntu server, i...
      1 answer10 days agoBy KoljaLDeploymentStrapi
    • Tutorial

      How To Configure Jenkins with SSL Using an Nginx Reverse Proxy on Ubuntu 22.04

      In this tutorial, you will configure Nginx as a reverse proxy with Let’s Encrypt for TLS encryption to securely direct client requests to Jenkins.
      28 days agoBy Brian Boucheron, Jamon CamissoCI/CDDeploymentLet's EncryptUbuntuUbuntu 22.04
    • Question

      Problems with sessions in django

      I have deployed my site in django in an Ubuntu droplet. I have no problem with the deployment and everything seems to be in order. However, when I want to start a session, it does not persist, therefore I do not maint...
      1 answer1 month agoBy Greg-502DeploymentDigitalOcean DropletsDjangoPythonUbuntu
    • Question

      Static Blazor app deployment failed, probable temporary Microsoft problem

      I created a static Blazor app locally and pushed to GitHub and created a DigitalOcean app for it. The (first-time) deployment is failing but it appears to be a temporary Microsoft problem. So there might be nothing an...
      2 answers1 month agoBy Sam HobbsApplicationsDeployment
    • Question

      Django (App Platform) Migrate Command raises ERROR: "could not translate host name '[...]' to address: Temporary failure in name resolution'

      I re-deployed my Django App on DO’s app platform but I am facing a new issue that I did not encounter before. Once successfully deployed, when I try to go into the console and run Django’s Migrate Command (python mana...
      1 answer1 month agoBy Al3xsDeploymentDigitalOcean App PlatformDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL DatabaseDjangoPostgreSQL
    • Question

      how to run static_root folder in cmd?, adminpanel css isn't working after deployment

      how to run static_root folder in cmd?, adminpanel css isn’t working
      1 answer1 month agoBy trustDeployment
    • Question

      Deployment failed during deploy phase

      Dear Support, I’m the owner/user of the site and not the developer. I uploaded a new project to my bilingual website on the admin platform just as usual and I tried to deploy it, but it failed again and again. The sec...
      1 answer1 month agoBy AnnabellaApplicationsDeployment
    • Question

      How to disable health checks on app platform?

      So Im trying to run a cron job inside a docker container built with a simple dockerfile setup as an app platform.However, building is always successful but I always get a failed deployment due to a health check error ...
      2 answers2 months agoBy SandyBlueGreenRaftDeploymentDigitalOcean App PlatformDocker
    • Question

      App is stuck on build complete but never moves on to deploying

      I’ve been able to build and deploy in the past without a problem but now when i check the build logs it just gets stuck on build complete. It never moves onto deploying. Does anyone know what is happening?
      1 answer2 months agoBy AdorableGrayDinghyApplicationsBuilding on DigitalOceanDeployment
    • Question

      I just reset my password for my droplet and now it won't work and my website is offline.

      All I did was send a new password to my email. My website has not come back online since. I turned the server off and on, I reissued a new password again while it was off and nothing works.
      1 answer2 months agoBy PriyankDeploymentUbuntu 20.04
    • Question

      Gem not found error when deploying monorepo to App Platform

      Hi, I am using App Platform to deploy a Ruby on Rails API backend.Rails version : 7.0.2Ruby version : 3.1.1 When I deploy my backend on App Platform both build and deploy phase are working properly. I am switching to ...
      1 answer2 months agoBy adrilefDeploymentDigitalOcean App PlatformRubyRuby on Rails
    • Question

      New droplets always give timeout

      Hello everyoneas the title says, i can not connect to any droplet, i tried directly withssh root@ip and i tried with puttyand i tried with winscpi tried creating droplets with password or with ssh keys, but no differe...
      3 answers2 months agoBy Motasem ZakarnehDeploymentDigitalOceanDigitalOcean DropletsDNSUbuntu 20.04
    • Tutorial

      How To Use Blue-Green Deployments to Release Software Safely

      Modern development practices often distinguish between deploying and releasing software. Deployment is the step that involves getting the new code onto the servers. On the other hand, releasing is the step where the n...
      2 months agoBy Justin Ellingwood, Alex GarnettDeploymentDigitalOcean
    • Question

      Permission denied (publickey)

      I successfully managed to gain access to the server in my terminal through the ssh command. What i can’t do or perform is uploading the static files of my website to the server through the scp command. It provides the...
      2 answers2 months agoBy Cosmas6ApplicationsDeploymentDigitalOcean DropletsDigitalOcean VPC
    • Question

      Error while deploying php project

      My deployment keeps throwing this error after successfully building the project after a new git push: [2022-03-15 00:33:06] DOCUMENT_ROOT changed to ‘public/’[2022-03-15 00:33:16] Assuming 512MB of RAM[2022-03-15 00:3...
      1 answer2 months agoBy jeroenDeployment
    • Question

      App redeploy wipes database

      I have an App with a Strapi instance and a database connected to it. Everytime I redeploy aka push to the master branch of the Strapi repo, it redeploys the whole app including the database. Obviously this is not inte...
      1 answer3 months agoBy MassiveAzureCrabApplicationsDeploymentStrapi