How to add "Expires" header for spaces?

Posted October 14, 2020 956 views
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Target: adding “Expires” header.

I am not able to add “Expires” header to my spaces (objectstorage). I tried from DO GUI as well as from API - nothing works.

I can add metadata with having prefix “x-amz-meta-”.

I can see cache-control headers, but I want to add “Expires”. Can anyone help me?


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2 answers

Place all of the resources (such as images, scripts, etc.) that you would like to set far-future expirations for into the static folder and then add an . htaccess file to that folder that includes the expires headers. Place the rest of the resources that you do not want cached into the other folder

  • I was saying about object storage. Does .htaccess works at object storage?

    I can assign Expire header on my VPS and works fine (using .htaccess). DO Spaces does not send Expire header.

    What to do?

You can probably do what you want with the ‘Cache-Control’ header. Eg. 'Cache-Control: public, max-age=31536000’ to tell browsers/CDNs to cache for one year.

  • Thank you for the reply.

    I was actually trying to add “Expires” header (which is backdated now).

    The new header for cache is ‘Cache-Control’ and it works fine as you said.

    I also made browser cache as (one year) and CDN (one month).