How to Change Cloud-init Config After Droplet is Created

October 25, 2016 2.8k views
Deployment Ubuntu

Cloud-init runs every time when the droplet is booted. I want to change config between restarts. Where can I find the cloud config file? I am supplying it in DO console while creating a droplet. But I need to know where it is located in the machine so that I can modify.
I am using Ubuntu.


3 Answers

If you specified Cloud-init as User data on Droplet creation, there is no way to change it. Even on Droplet rebuild it will persist same. You will have to destroy Droplet to use another script.

If you’re specifying it on some other way, I’m not sure, as I used it only as user data on Droplet creation

  • So I’m guessing there also isn’t a way to change the userdata when rebuilding a droplet.

    (So that I don’t have to destroy a droplet and make a new one, every time I want to test a cloudconfig

ok…i did it through user data only…but this is not flexible then

How can we have a flexible boot script (i.e. that we can change)?

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