I installed the strapi server on digital ocean and it works nice. But the standard configuration of the media library filesize is set to 1 MB, which is too less.

How can i configure this to - let’s say - 5MB per file (image)

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The answer is not in the strapi configuration, but in the nginx.conf file.

By default, Nginx has a limit of 1MB on file uploads. To set file upload size, you can use the clientmaxbodysize directive, which is part of Nginx’s ngxhttpcoremodule module. This directive can be set in the http, server or location context.

It sets the maximum allowed size of the client request body, specified in the “Content-Length” request header field. Here’s an example of increasing the limit to 100MB in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file.

http {

clientmaxbody_size 100M;

Hello, @bstuijts

You can double check the maxFileSize in the config/environments/development/request.json file

"parser": {
    "enabled": true,
    "multipart": true,
    "formidable": {
      "maxFileSize": 52428800

You can adjust the value according to your needs. You can further check the strapi documentation using the following link:


Hope this helps!


  • I did make these changes. And run the npm run build command in the terminal.

    I tried to look up the service loaded with pm2 -status but found none. How do I restart the strapi server after this change? I expect the following to do’s:

    1. Stop the pm2 process
    2. Build new strapi server, with above modifications
    3. Start the pm2 process

    I have the feeling i’m getting close. Please help me out here.

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