How to create droplet image and download it to computer and run using VMware?

June 1, 2015 18.1k views
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Is there a function in the panel that i can create droplet image and download it to computer and run using VMware and upload my own version to spin up? (for backup and dev purpose) or I have to do it on linux command? and how to do it, please help.

I am running django droplet on ubuntu 14.04.

Thank you very much.

  • We have commercial service that can do that for you !

  • I also have that need. Looking forward to an answer if there is one!

    I my case it is also in order to save money - if I have a droplet that I am not using for a while, I could download it and delete the one in the cloud. When I resume using it later, I can upload it again. That would save me the cost of having an idle droplet in the cloud.

  • The price is : US$20 for 20GB VPS.

  • @tuyen_la_tuyen , that's kinda shady... "hey, give me 20 bucks and access to all your data. Just send it to this random gmail account I made!" Perhaps follow up with a link to the service you're referencing?

4 Answers

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to export and download a Droplet image. You can vote for this feature on our suggestions board so that you get notified on any updates.

I doubt if that feature is present as of now, there is talks in feature request about this, but I dont think its implemented yet.

DO images are basic minimal image, so its better to download once such in your PC then install via VMWare.. Once installed locally, tools like RSync can help sync files between your local and DO VPS..

I haven't tried it, yet, but it seems like Clonezilla should work.

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