How to enable and load module mod_session on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 and Apache/2.4.7

November 6, 2014 9.2k views

Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a way to load the module mod_session on my server but I didn't find anything yet. I have connected to the server using FTP and went to /etc/apache2/mods_enable. There I saw inside the session.load that the mod_session doesn't have comment(#) in front of the LoadModule. Then I used the phpinfo (PHP function) to check if the module is being loaded but is not. Does anyone know how i can load it? thank you

2 Answers

mod_session is an apache2 module. phpinfo() shows the loaded php modules, which do not include Apache modules. To list the enabled/loaded Apache modules, run the following command:

apache2ctl -M

To enable mod_session on Ubuntu, just run:

sudo a2enmod session
sudo service apache2 restart

You should now be all set!

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