I host a website on my DigitalOcean server and I want to send verification emails to my users when they sign up for an account. But the SMTP is blocked by DigitalOcean. I contacted them to ask them enable it, but they said that they are able to enable it only after 60 days of usages. But I need it right now or my website cannot run!
What should I do?

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  • Hey Victor,

    Did you find a solution? I have an e-commerce project in hand and if I can’t send confirmation email and billing details to customers, going with digitalocean is pointless.

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Oh my god, its 2019… And I can’t send bloody email??

This doesn’t seem right. We are using DO to get more freedom and now DO asking us to buy SMTP services from the third party. If we need to buy SMTP from the third party, then I don’t think so we can use DO. I recommended DO to one of my clients, and now I am unable to share this limitation with the client. Definitely, in future, I will not be able to do business with DO. Also, no more recommendation.

if this is true you could at least point it clearly in your tutorials instead of wasting people’s time on installing and debugging your platform. as said above, your system is then pointless and it is really stupid to start whatsoever private or commercial service on your platform.
kind regards

I have lost literally 1 week trying to discover why my droplet is not sending emails. It’s true that DigitalOcean has blocked SMTP??? What sense has it nowadays in a server?

It might be out of corporate security policy to trust some external provider to send emails. E.g. we’d like to send sentry notifications and alerts about our servers to our mailboxes and it’s not acceptable to use any provider like mailgun or pepipost with that information.

Very disappointing.

Just wow. I have been loving my experience after moving to Digital Ocean but this is just plain silly. I am an active developer and also teach computer science, so I often have to experiment with this or that platform/technology. I pay for a virtual server so I can deploy whatever I want when I want, and tear it down when I am done. Today I wanted to teach my class about email communications by standing up a quick and dirty SMTP server but after multiple failures discover that it is simply not possible on DO servers? Beyond lame. Yes, I know I can accomplish with external services, but why in the world should I have to if I have my own server?

F**k, we just start the server and notice this scam!

have just activated a droplet, deployed my application and i use google as my mail server, but now my application cannot send activation emails because smtp is blocked. I really like digital ocean but it doesnt make sense to stay because my application is now useless

What!!! I cannot send activation emails with my server ?

And this guy form DO is asking me to get an SMTP server from other service provider.

I am going to move all my Apps to AWS.

I am setting up Ghost for an event in October and November.

How am I going to invite people to be contributers to the site when the email does not work????

In 60 days the event will be over.

Digital Ocean should do vetting for exceptions to the 60 day rule.

At least give us a chance!!!


Hello friend!

I’m terribly sorry for any inconvenience that has caused. This is something we have been doing to reduce spam on our network. Please do not think that we are accusing you of sending spam, it is more that we simply cannot accurately determine who is going to send it.

My recommendation would be to utilize an external SMTP service that offers an alternate SMTP port, like 2525 for example. There are many email providers out there that offer SMTP service. Frankly, using a service like that will generally improve your inbox delivery on average, so it’s kind of a benefit as well.

Kind Regards,

I recommend you to use Mailgun, it is free up to 10,000 messages/month. They have an easy to use WordPress plugin.

Is this still an issue? How can i request to enable this service? The 60 days are of droplet use, its not clear?

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