How to host Ethereum on Digital OCean?

Posted August 12, 2016 7.8k views
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I don’t know whether I am asking right question in right way. I am quite new to cloud infracture. I am concerned about Does Digital Ocean provides installation of GUI apps on linux or it provides only shell(means can I install and work on GUI’s of different applications or I have to work from command line only). I basically want to know how to host Ehtereum on Digital Ocean? Being more specific, I need to install Ethereum Wallet(Mist) to deploy a cryptocurreny. Mist provides GUI to carry out transactions from accounts. So can I install it on linux configuration provided by Digital Ocean, if yes How?

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Our droplets do not provide a GUI by default but you can set up a droplet with a secure and remotely accessible Desktop environment pretty easily. On the droplet create page, select an Ubuntu 14.04 droplet, click the user-data checkbox and paste this script into the text area.

This script will automatically configure an XFCE desktop and the x2go remote desktop service. Then you can download an x2go client for your platform and connect to your newly created droplet.

In x2go, create a new profile with your droplet’s IP address selecting XFCE as the desktop type. If you’re on Linux or Mac and authenticate with SSH keys you can check the box to try default login methods. x2go runs on top of ssh so you will use the same user credentials to access your droplet’s desktop as you use to access it via ssh.

  • Thanks for response. But what if I already have droplet? I have ubuntu droplet but without the script you mentioned. Can I do anything now to access GUI environment of droplet ?

    • This is a bash script and can be used on an already created droplet. Either upload the script to your droplet or copy and paste it’s contents and then:

      chmod +x

      Make it executable and…


      Run the script.

      While this script is designated for Ubuntu 14.04 I have personally tested it against Ubuntu 16.04 and it works as expected.

      • Thanks. This worked great. I installed X2Go on my digital ocean Droplet and X2Go client on my remote machine. I followed How to Remotely Access Graphical Desktop of Ubuntu and I am accessing the GUI as I wanted. Thanks for help. :)

        • Hi, I was accessing default web browser(Firefox, here) on my server, but it collapses abruptly, any reason why this is happening?

          • I cannot say for certain but when you log in as the user “root” some programs may not perform quite as you expect. Many desktop apps may refuse to run without special command line flags and in general it’s just better to use a different user.

            This guide will walk you through creating a new user with sudo privileges. If you use ssh keys for authentication make sure to copy your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file to your new user account.