How to point DNS to Droplet

Posted September 11, 2020 2.9k views

I created a Droplet which I can access using the IP. I also create a domain name for the droplet Digital Ocean added 3 NS entries, and I added another A entry sending to the droplet IP. Then I logged in to my registrar and added a CNAME sending to

I’ve waited a few hours for propagation but still the browser can’t load the page. If I do dig on the command line I see it resolving to the nameserver but not the actual droplet IP. Not sure if this is incorrect or how it should be.

How do I get the DNS entry to load the Droplet hosted app in the browser ?

I don’t want to hardcode the Droplet IP in my registrar as an A record in case it changes in the future.

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Hello, @hemorej

If you want to point to your Droplet you need to adjust the A record and point it to the IP address of your droplet. If you’re using external nameservers (different from you need to make the DNS change from where you active DNS zone is. This can be your registrar or any other hosting provider you use as well.

All DNS changes might take up to 48 hours in order to fully update. This is due to ISP DNS cache and general DNS propagating as well. This usually happens a lot faster but will still take at least few hours to fully update.

You can monitor the DNS propagation with any website like just select the desired record type and then click the Search button. It will show you a DNS record check from various points around the world. This will help you to see if there is a DNS misconfiguration or if it’s just the DNS slowly updating.

You can also use our DNS tool as well:

Hope this helps!

  • Thanks Alex.

    So I can’t point my registrar to the Digital Ocean nameservers and they handle resolution to the Droplet IP?
    My concern is what happens why my Droplet IP changes, I have to go reconfigure my A record in the registrar, no ?