How to port forward

February 7, 2019 688 views

how to open port 27015 27017.. pls help me.. i have try add it but when i check at Port Checker but its doesnt open it..

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jarland MOD February 7, 2019
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Hey friend,

Great question! I want to dig a bit further on this. Typically when I see a question of this nature, the question is easily misunderstood. In those cases it isn’t that the user wants the port open by itself, it’s that they expect something to happen when they query that port. This can be confused as needing to open the port, when the reality is that the underlying question is “Why isn’t the application I’m running answering queries on the port that I expect it to?”

Correct me if you see that my logic is wrong, but it is my experience that leads me to shift direction slightly when I hear this question. To that end I would ask you, what is it that you expect to be running on these ports?

If you run “netstat -tulpn” and do not see those ports listed, opening the port will not be helpful, as you have no application currently listening on those ports. If that be the case, we should focus on troubleshooting the expectations of that app and how to get it to do what you want it to do.


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