How to remove my IP from Fail2ban f2b-wordpress-hard list

May 15, 2018 1.2k views
WordPress Ubuntu 16.04

I have a Wordpress install from the Apps within Digital Ocean. It comes default with Fail2ban installed for security. I have logged into the server, and have verified my IP is in fact blocked under the f2b-wordpress-hard list.

I have searched online, and the community and read some documentation on removing blocked IP's but when I try to run the commands but specifically with f2b-wordpress-hard it says command not found. If someone has some information specifically to Digital Ocean and their Wordpress install and how to manage this, that would be great.

To be clear, I did not setup a server environment from the ground up. I just created a droplet and clicked install Wordpress. So managing Fail2ban is a little different with that configuration with what I have found so far. I am not very backend savvy. So please forgive my ignorance with managing servers.

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CMiller147 May 15, 2018
Accepted Answer

I kept searching more specific and found this command and unblocked my IP.
Said to enter the chainrulename and line number. The chainrulename is "f2b-wordpress-hard" and the line number in my case was "1" cause it was the first and only IP blocked at the time.

When logged into my server via console I ran -

iptables -D f2b-wordpress-hard 1

Then I rechecked the ban list and I was no longer listed.

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