How to restore a snapshot from a different droplet.

February 15, 2015 12.9k views

I have multiple droplets all on AMS3.

I have a snapshot of the droplet A, and I've created the droplet B from A's snapshot . Now I've made changes to the droplet A, I've made a second A's snapshot, but I can't restore that second snapshot to the droplet B because it only appears on A's restore tab.

The only alternative I find is to destroy and create again the droplet, but I will lose my IP.

I can't think of any technical limitation of restoring A's snapshots to B, as A and B are the same since B is created from an A snapshot.

Is there any limitation, or it's simply not implemented? It looks like a very simple feature to add.

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You can restore a droplet from another droplet's snapshot by rebuilding it from that snapshot (Destroy -> Rebuild).

  • Awesome! Thanks!!

    It would be cool if you added this information on the "Restore" tab

  • You saved my weekend. :D I agree with NickS, it would be nice if you can have it in Restore or in Snapshots section.

It turns out that you don't have this option. On the other droplet you only get to rebuild from a predefined image, or an existing snapshot for that droplet. You cannot rebuild from another droplet's snapshot.

Later edit: it IS possible, but applies only to a newly created droplet, see more here:

by Zach Bouzan-Kaloustian
This tutorial covers how to manually migrate droplets between hypervisors by taking a snapshot of the droplet and then spinning it up in a different region.

I think you can restore snapshots from other droplets if the droplets are the same size and in the datacentre. I always use the floating ip function though as this allows you to assign your existing ip to another droplet but this obviously needs to be created when first setting up the droplet

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