How to run metrics-server in managed k8s?

Posted November 3, 2020 4.5k views
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I spent about 3 days with this issue :(

  1. I tried to install metrcis-server( on my own cluster. Of course I tried to turn on the option of prefer-internalIP option, which mentioned in the article(
  2. (Because 1 failed) I tried to install metrics-server through marketplace one(
  3. Now I’m writing this…

No matter what I try to install metrics-server on my cluster, I can’t see CPU/memory usage of my pods. CPU/memory usage of my nodes is fine, but pods.

metric-server log says follwing (for every deployed pods)

1 reststorage.go:160] unable to fetch pod metrics for pod, ...: no metrics known for pod

My cluster runs

  • 1.19.3-do.1 (most recent one)
  • metrics-server 0.3.7(

kubectl top nodes shows

NAME                   CPU(cores)   CPU%   MEMORY(bytes)   MEMORY%
pool-mypoolinfoblahb   130m         6%     1323Mi          42%
pool-mypoolinfoblahb   79m          3%     806Mi           25%

kubectl top pods shows

W1103 16:56:02.901596   25473 top_pod.go:265] Metrics not available for pod default/my-pod-info-blahblah, age: 8m1.901588s
error: Metrics not available for pod default/my-pod-info-blahblah, age: 8m1.901588s

Somebody please help me

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to whom it may concern, DO team would release new DO version to resolve the issue (yay!)


I ran into a similar issue on DOKS 1.20.2. I was deploying using the bitnami metrics server helm chart. I had to set the command arg kubelet-preferred-address-types=InternalIP and apiService.create=true because the api-service isn’t created already by DO.

For reference: