How to set up username and password for Dante Sock Proxy

May 26, 2017 12.3k views
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I read the article they have on their site "" but I have no luck on making it work.

*Also I don't know which user to put nor the default password.

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YISUUS May 27, 2017
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I made it work with this guide:

I tried to login without autentication and gave me this error:
[11:45:53] ERROR: Cannot connect to loginserver [-4]
[11:45:53] The proxy did not accept the connection request [0]

With authentication:

[11:45:36] Connecting to proxy...
[11:45:36] Connected to proxy
[11:45:39] Request serverlist...

No problem on connecting to the proxy.

*Note I am using ubuntu 14.04 and it worked without any kind of problem


From the page you're linking to it says
The username authentication method uses the system password file to verify a username and password combination supplied by a user as part of the SOCKS version 5 authentication process. Note that the password is transmitted in cleartext with this authentication method.

So that would probably mean that you need to create a user on Ubuntu and use that user.

But you would probably get better help by asking their community mailing list:

@hasen thanks for your help. I understand that now, I've created a new user and have assigned a new password to it but it still doesn't connect. I will try to contact them.

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