I fail to access my server with the DNS pointed to it.

August 17, 2018 524 views
Nginx Ubuntu 16.04 DNS

Just today I got an Ubuntu 16.04 server. Followed all the instructions in the welcoming email: setting up the server, installing nginx, configuring ssh and making the dns point the server.

I can view the webpage from it’s IP but not from the domain.

I have my DNS from GoDaddy and it was already pointed to a custom Nameserver(as I was using another hosting service and had a SSL cert installed). Changed to the digital ocean’s nameservers and waited for 8-9 hours. Cleared the cache and everything.
When I try to access the server trough the domain I get the error “cannot establish secure connection” and the DNS starts with https://
thus I don’t have a ssl certificate installed.

The domain is: sturza-mihai.eu.

Any advice is welcome.. Have a great day!

1 Answer

The provided hostname loads the default nginx page for me over http. Try a couple browsers or a browser on another device/network.

How to enable ssl free of charge: https://certbot.eff.org/lets-encrypt/ubuntuxenial-nginx.html

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