I have a domain registered with Wix which I want to point at one of my droplets, what do I need to change and where?

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I need a wix registered domain pointed at a droplet, but I’m a little lost as to where I change the information and what I change that information with.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello, @jbaledev

Since the domain name is bought from Wix the DNS zone should be controlled /edited from there. What you need to do is to point the A record of the domain name to the IP address of your droplet.

You should be able to make this change from Wix’s control panel:

Editing DNS Records in Your Wix Account
Go to the My Domains page. Note: If you have more than one domain in your account, select the relevant domain.
Click the Advanced tab.
Click Edit DNS.
Edit the relevant records,e.g
point the A record of your domain to the IP address of your droplet
Click Save DNS.

Let me know how it goes.

  • Hi

    I’ve done that now, is the anything I need to do in the Networking tab in the login area? Also currently, there is a www.exampledomain.com CNAME in the wix backend, will I need to point that as well?

    • The CNAME of the www can be pointed to your domain name, e.g www.exampledomain.com CNAME pointed to exampledomain.com

      Keep in mind that the DNS changes might take up to 24 hours due to DNS cache and standard propagation time. However your domain name should start resolving/loading in your browser soon.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      • Thanks for your reply

        Would I do that on the Wix side or through Digital Ocean in regards to the CNAME?

        • This depends from your domain nameservers, as already mentioned since the domain name was just bought from Wix you should control the DNS zone from there.

          In other words add/edit the www CNAME from there.

          Let me know it goes.

I’m glad everything is working as expected! :)

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