I’m running through the community example How To Set Up an Nginx Ingress on DigitalOcean Kubernetes Using Helm.

I’m using Kubernetes maintained chart rather than stable, since that seems like the most “official” chart, using this values.yaml:

    enabled: true
      service.beta.kubernetes.io/do-loadbalancer-enable-proxy-protocol: 'true'

  enable: true

I can see the load balancer in the DO control panels, and I’ve set up what I think are the correct DNS records:

A hw1.recfab.net <load balancer IP> 3600 TTL
A hw2.recfab.net <load balancer IP> 3600 TTL

I keep getting the default NGINX 400 Bad Request page when I hit hw1.recfab.net, orhw2.recfab.net`. I’ve checked the controller logs, and the service pod logs. I’m pretty sure the requests aren’t reaching the pods, but not sure why.

I’ve tried the Troubleshooting guide, and poked around with kubectl as well as the ingress-nginx kubectl plugin.

I have not been able to figure this out and I don’t know what else to try. I’m sure it’s something simple, but crucial, so hopefully someone here has a solution.


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Hi there,

Can you ensure you have your ingress controller configured to respect the proxy protocol settings in the LB?

Looks like you need to add the proxy protocol directive to your configmap:

Hope this helps!


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