I keep reading the 5/month plan mentioned - what happens when you exceed...

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DigitalOcean Droplets

As per the title, yeah 5/month is great, but no one mentions what happens when user exceeds bandwidth, or other things that I should be aware off?

Do users get a warning they are approaching their allowance? Will the server shut down ? Is there even an option to say “continue to run server and charge me” or “stop serving and don’t charge me”.

Yeah you can tell me go and RTFM, but it’s probably buried somewhere in the fine print…

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Hi there,

You can set up billing alerts via your DigitalOcean Control panel:

  • Go to:
  • Then scroll down to the Alerts section
  • Then click the Add Alert button
  • There you can set up automated billing alerts to receive emails when a specified usage amount is reached.

Regarding the bandwidth, outbound data transfer is shared between your Droplets each billing cycle. If the outbound transfer exceeds the amount included with your Droplets at end of the cycle, you will be charged $0.01 per excess gigabyte.

DigitalOcean includes this charge on your running invoice to let you know where you stand throughout the billing period. A spike in outbound transfer early in the month might display overage charges. However, if your Droplets accrue enough free data transfer by end of the billing period, there will not be overage charges.

For more information on how bandwidth charges you can take a look here:

Also for more information about bandwidth make sure to check out this calculator here: