I need to update my Droplet From Centos 6.7 X 64 to Centos 7 X64

April 17, 2018 648 views
Networking Apache CentOS

My Current Droplet is running on centos 6.7 X 64 and i want to change it to centos 7 , How can i change the operating system and will my data get destroyed ?
I have installed Cpanel in the current OS and If Upgraded I must Install Cpanel again ?

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ryanpq MOD April 17, 2018
Accepted Answer

This guide covers upgrading in place from CentOS 6.x to CentOS 7.

As cPanel is deeply ingrained in your system once installed I would recommend reaching out to cPanel/WHM support as they may have more specific documentation or issues to be aware of before you begin this process.

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