I updated PHP on my server, but WordPress doesn't recognize the update.

April 7, 2019 431 views
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I’m trying to get WordPress to recognize and use PHP 7.0.33-5 I have installed on my server.

When I type php -v on my server, I see the following:

PHP 7.0.33-5+ubuntuu14.04+deb.sury.org+1 (cli) (built: Mar 8 2019 10:07:09) ( NTS )

I’ve restarted my apache2 server after this, as well.

However, when I log into WordPress, I get a message telling me that…

WordPress has detected that your site is running on an insecure version of PHP.

Any ideas how I can get this working? It should be noted I don’t use Linux too often and not an expert at it.


1 Answer

You’re seeing that message because php 7.0 no longer receives security updates. You’ll need to upgrade to 7.1 or higher. You can see the supported versions here: https://www.php.net/supported-versions.php

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