In Cloudways, I made a LAMP site. I believe Debian was preinstalled. Would your Standard package ($5/month) help me to build my LAMP skills?

July 5, 2019 174 views
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I am a novice. In Cloudways, I made a rudimentary website running with PHP 7 (with Laravel), connected to a MySQL database. I believe the server had Debian OS pre-installed. I see that Digital Ocean has $5 per month package. I would like to continue my learning of LAMP. Would you recommend the Digital Ocean standard package ($5 per month) for developing LAMP skills?

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bobbyiliev MOD July 5, 2019
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Hi John,

Yes, I would strongly recommend that. I've used this for the training for my team of system administrators.

It's great because you can deploy servers in less than 30 seconds and you have full root access. If anything goes terribly wrong, you can just delete the server and create a new one. You are billed hourly and not monthly, so you would be paying less than $0.01 per hour which is amazing!

Currenly DO offer $50 free credit, I can send you my affiliate link if you wish :)


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