Is both HTTP and HTTPS versions should be verified in Webmaster Tools?

October 24, 2016 147 views
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I am struggling to get solution of issue which i am currently facing. Lately, we have upgraded our website with SSL and redirected the entire site from http to https with all urls. The site is currently added to Google Webmaster Tools as and all the pages are indexed without using SSL. Do I just submit a updated sitemap which has the HTTPS URLs or Do I add a new site as and submit the sitemap with HTTPS urls?

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kamaln7 MOD October 25, 2016
Accepted Answer

If you have set up 301 redirects from http to https, then I believe you should go with all https in the webmaster console and the sitemap.

Depends on what you offer and personal opinion.

If you offer both version of sites - your users can use http and https, than I would add both.
But in case you are doing 301 redirection from http to https, I would just add the https version of site.

Even in both cases it would not hurt to add http and https version, but I don't see need for it in redirection variant.

Thank for the response both of you. I liked your advice, i am going to add https version in webmaster and it's sitemap.

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