Is it safe to delete the node that contains cilium-operator, and will it switched be to start working on another node automatically itself?

Posted May 8, 2021 455 views
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I’ve got 4 nodes running on my Kubernetes Cluster. And I don’t need one of them that contains only cilium-operator and csi-do-node etc. What if I delete it? Will the cilium-operator starts on other nodes? If yes, how long does it take to start working correctly on another node?

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@yondon898 In general, I recommend uninstalling everything that you don’t need within the cluster before deleting a given node. Why? If the K8s controller manager determines that the current state isn’t equal to the desired state, it will perform the necessary actions to make the current state equal to that of the desired state. Thus, you can run the risk of having the pods on the deleted node scheduled on the remaining nodes. In short, a K8s cluster consists of one or more nodes that are managed by a control plane and shouldn’t be treated like three isolated machines.

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