Is there a difference between Wordpress 1-Click install, and setting it up on my own VPS?

Posted March 26, 2017 5.1k views
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I’m a professional software developer taking over a friends small-business WordPress site, and I was wondering if there were any substantial differences between the 1-Click install and setting up my own VPS and deploying LAMP/installing WordPress?

With the one-click install, obviously some decisions would be made (i.e versions of PHP/Apache etc), but can I still access server in the same way as my own VPS/is there limited functionality with using the 1-Click option? Essentially - what are the flexibility trade-offs by selecting the 1-click deployment?

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In terms of functionality, you’re still able to SSH in to the server and update, upgrade, and install new packages/software. The one-click images are simply meant to give you a starting point. They offer a simple way of pre-configuring a LAMP stack and a single WordPress installation with minimal effort.

Last I recall, the LAMP stack is pretty standard and doesn’t vary from what you’d get by simply using apt-get or yum to install packages, other than WordPress being installed or you.

If you’re capable of setting up your own server and don’t need the one-click image, then setting it up on your own is what I’d recommend.

  • Great - thanks for the reply. Azure does a few goofy things with ‘one-click’ deployments vs. a VPS, but DO made theirs seem like a 'slightly advanced bash script’ which was appealing. I think I’ll just set one up from scratch and configure the server myself, but I might have to check out the 1-click deployment as a future tool.

    • @andrewg

      A bash script, or cloud-init script is essentially what they use.

      I’ve worked with Azure in the past and they seemed to do what IBM’s BlueStack does. Either you don’t get full root or they use some strange setup that’s vague and you spend hours or days looking over the docs that are supposed to help, but don’t.

      I can see the benefits in their setup, though I prefer full control myself and that’s what you’ll get with DigitalOcean. When you gain root, root is what you get :-).


No, not really. But with the one-click is pre-setup with all sorts of stuff, so it has firewall activated and a couple of more things.

The one-click doesn’t take into account the size of the droplet, so it doesn’t tweak configuration for that amount of RAM/etc. Of course, neither does the clean install, but you know that, since there’s no pre-configuration made for you.

If you know what you’re doing, then the clean install is the right choice, since you’re in full control and know exactly what/why you have (not) done something.
The one-click is made for you to try something within a minute or two. It’s not meant to be run in production.

There are many.
High cpu and ram = high performance., pre installed. everything is ready.
vs. You do it your self. and you need alot of work. like file permissions. and some missing extentions.
I have both.
Wordpress image is great. I really like.
I advice you to choose wordpress image. if you can pay 10$ a month.