Is there a DigitalOcean Free Trial Available?

March 10, 2014 74.9k views
Hi everyone, I'm interested in building an application on DO, but I'm not really able to lay down money I can't get back just to see if the service does what I want. I need to put a considerable amount of time and effort into learning your APIs and writing my app to interface with them, and I'm not keen to have a VPS running on my dime just for this purpose. I'd love to know the reasoning behind this. Being able to test a product before I buy it is very important to me, and if this is how new customers are treated, DigitalOcean just isn't right for me. Thanks

    We currently offer a $100, 60-day Free Credit for new accounts that you can get by signing up here:

    LINK: If you know someone already using DigitalOcean, get their referral link, or use this one:

    Frequently asked Questions:

    • Who is eligible? New customers to DigitalOcean with a valid credit card or paypal account are eligible. (If you use PayPal, you will have to prepay at least $5 because DigitalOcean only offers a pay-as-you-go model for Paypal)

    • How does it expire? 60 days after the credit was added, any remaining credit will be zeroed out. If you continue to use our paid services after the 60 days your credit card will be charged at the beginning of the following month.

    • What products can I use the credit on? You can use it on any services provided by DigitalOcean, for example all Droplet plans, Spaces object storage, Block Storage, Load Balancers, even Kubernetes!


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  • 1st and 2nd steps worked perfectly. But not able to do the 3rd step - no option available for entering the additional $15 credit in the billing page.

18 Answers

Free DigitalOcean trial is available! Your options are pretty much:

1. Use the referral link here; for first month of $10 droplet for free or two months of $5 droplet for free.

2. Trial 3-days free DigitalOcean on Cloudways here; it's one of the easiest ways to quickly deploy a fully managed server (optionally with a ready installed WordPress) in a matter of minutes.

Option 1. You need to enter credit card details.
Option 2. Just register an account; no credit card details needed.

Hope this help!

Openshift is free, why this isn't?
You can search for digitaloceans promo codes, its not that hard to find.

Even without the promotion code, 1 day of testing on a 512M droplet is only $0.168, I don't think it's too much just for testing purpose.
Check the digitalocean twitter account they usually have $10 promo codes.

You can also try they are currently showing several discounts. Not very good success rates however.
It's $5 to test. You can spin up a server, run it for a few hours and it will cost you at most a few cents to test out.

I am a developer and I wanted to build a plugin for discourse backups to digital ocean. Unfortunately for having an account I HAVE to enter my credit card details. Since I will only use this account to test the functionality of my plugin I don't want to give my private details. As soon as I put in test creditcard numbers, digital ocean complains. Isn't there a way to use a test version for developers without having to put a real creditcard to the account??

DO number 1. I want to use DO.

How to get a free trial from DO? Thank you!

I need a coupon 50$, Can you help me share it? please!

Ca you share me a coupon, please!

Help me! I need a free trial.

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