Kubernetes with docker container installation on windows10 anniversary edition with virtualization disable in BIOS

June 23, 2017 1.5k views
Docker Deployment Ubuntu

We are migrating our projects to kubernetes with docker as container. For analysys, i am trying to install kubernetes with docker on my windows machine locally, I undersatnd that docker is Linux native. But we can install it on win-10 at least after anniversary version successfully using virtualization/Hiper-v enabled. But in my case i supposed to use company provided laptop because of client restriction where virtualization disabled by default in BIOS setup. I tried below ways

  1. Installed docker toolbox
  2. Installed docker-Enabled Hiper-v on turn on tools and options(however still virtualization disabled in BIOS)
  3. Installed minikube for windows
  4. Installed WSL(shell on Ubuntu-14.04AMD64 on windows 10-intel64anniversari edition) with lot of tutorials available online already (ex, https://blog.jayway.com/2017/04/19/running-docker-on-bash-on-windows/). But none worked for me, all expects virtualization enabled on BIOS. I am not able to install docker - getting error:"docker is not running". I really want to know is there any other possibilities to get my things done on local windows and not with cloud?

Thanks in advance!!

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