Magento 2.3.x Admin panel keeps loading (fresh installation)

Posted July 6, 2020 2.5k views

Hi, I have been trying to install Magento 2.3.5-p1 on Centos 7, Nginx with Php-fpm and maria db. I was able to install it after fixing several issues and Home Page is perfectly okay now. But my admin panel keeps on loading with a loader gif (i suppose). I get several file error i.e. either Refused to Load, or 404, one file is being Refused to load on both frontend and admin panel i.e. requirejs-config.js.

At First, I tried installation user:nginx, i.e. my user is associated to nginx group. RESULT: Admin panel keeps loading.
Then, I installed it by adding user to group php-fpm. RESULT: Admin panel still keeps laoding…

I have tried almost all the available answers I could find in past 2-3 days on google, but nothing works for me.

I tried:

1) Change Symlink to Copy in /di.xml
2) Reinstall several times 
3) c:c / c:f
4) Deleting all the data in static/, var, and then deploying again
5) Changing permissions, used 777/755/077/g+w/g+ws
6) bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f
7) php bin/magento indexer:reindex
8) disabled magento_csp on (2.3.5-p1)... 
9) di:compile, upgrade followed by deploy
10) I cant remember, but I must have used other ways
11) Install Magento 2.3.4-p2 instead


bin/magento setup:install --base-url= \
--base-url-secure= \
--db-host=localhost --db-name= --db-user= \
--db-password='' --admin-firstname= \
--admin-lastname=Admin --admin-email= \
--admin-user=admin --admin-password= --language=en_US \
--currency=USD --timezone=UTC --use-rewrites=1

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1 answer

I have solved it, it was due to open_basedir, once i disabled it in php.ini and restarted php-fpm, and reinstalled magento, it worked fine.