My disk space is increasing in a wrong way

August 16, 2018 913 views
Apache Storage

I created a droplet several months ago with the basic plan $5/Month, I got 25Gb Disk Space. I only installed wordpress & a script in this droplet, everything was going fine I created a snapshot last month and it’s size was just 9.xGb but today when I created a snapshot it shows 20Gb of data, In this period I only uploaded maximum of 150Mb data. I’m shocked of this 11Gb increase. I google about it and after an hour a was able to clear 1Gb of space by removing unused dependencies,logs etc. Still my droplet has 19Gb of space used now I don’t know what to do kindly help me!

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X40C August 16, 2018
Accepted Answer

I don’t know much about snapshots but you can check your disk space with df -h and then your could start at cd / and du -sh * to see which folder uses the most space and then just cd /desiredfolder and du -sh * to find the culprit.

@X40C Thanks Buddy, this help me a lot now I decreased me disk space usage to only 4.xGb. 20Gb to 4Gb just WOWW

I am also facing a similar problem. SRV (17 GB) and VAR (6.9GB) folder are taking too much disk space. Can you please help me?.

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