My site shows upp all distorted and broken when viewing from filezilla! HELP!

May 24, 2018 772 views
Nginx Ubuntu 18.04 MySQL

When I first built my site, I used a template( to create it. I am now done with creating the site. But after copying the site files using Filezilla, the site shows upp all distored and broken when I viewed from browser. I think it has something to do with the server not recognizing the template. Help?

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There isn’t enough information here to know exactly what happened but here are a couple guesses based on what you shared:

  • When uploading through Filezilla were there any failures recorded in the Failed transfers tab?

  • When uploading did you use a normal user account or did you upload as root? You may need to adjust the permissions on your uploaded files with “chown -Rf www-data:www-data /var/www” as long as your web root is under /var/www.

“Distrorted, broken or jumbled” sounds like an issue with your CSS not being loaded by the browser or not all of your CSS being loaded.

I log in as root. Check GIF
How do you load the CSS?
Do you have discord or steam? This is really frustrating I feel 😫 🔫
I also get this
when copying CSS files as user “demo” instead of “root”

Filezilla would have no effect on what you are describing.... Do you have a working backup? What changes have you made?

  • Hey, I fixed the issue by properly installing Nginx, PHP, MySQL and some other apps. The site now shows the files proplery with JS, CSS etc. Thanks for trying help. xoxo

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