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September 19, 2017 15.3k views
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Hi everyone.

I have a my droplet with SSH key and it works properly. I created a new user in this droplet. I want to create a new SSH key for this new user. I will use this user for my php website. So, this new ssh key must be different from the root user key. How can I do that?

I've been doing a lot of research. But I could not find something that works.

You should be clear on the answers you provide. Because my english is not good. Thanks.

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Mohsen47 September 19, 2017
Accepted Answer


Almost the same steps as before:

  • Generate a key pair using puttygen save the private key to your hard disk.
  • Copy the public key then log in to your droplet as root switch to your user su user then create a directory called .ssh in your home directory and create a file inside it called .authorized_keys and paste the public key there.
  • Open putty enter your droplet IP then browse to SSH -> auth then choose Browse... and open your private key which you saved before.
  • Open Connection -> data and enter your user name in Auto-login username
  • Go back to Session choose a name for your session and choose save now you can connect.

Hope this helps.


  • You need to create a new ssh key pair using ssh-keygen BUT BE CAREFUL to change the name of the private key to something different that ~/.ssh/id_rsa, you can call it ~/.ssh/id_user_rsa.

  • Upload your new public key to the server with this command ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_user_rsa user@droplet_ip, you will be prompted for your new user's password here.

  • Then when you want to connect to your droplet using your new user use this command ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_user_rsa user@droplet_ip

Hint: if you need to create a shortcut you can use this file ~/.ssh/config add this content to it

Host user_droplet
   Hostname droplet_ip
   User user
   IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_user_rsa

Now connect using this command ssh user_droplet

Hope this helps, revert back to me if you needed more help.

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