New Symfony 3 installation: Could not open input file: app/console in composer install

April 29, 2018 2.9k views
PHP Ubuntu 16.04

I installed a fresh symfony3-instance via the official symfony-installer ( After doing the first things, I commited the project to Git and cloned it the other day on another computer. After the cloning I ran "composer install" to install all the symfony-dependencies. Now comes the problem: The script ScriptHandler::clearCache stops with an error: Could not open input file: app/console. Thats right - symfony3 has a new directory-structure - so the console resides now in /bin - not in /app. How can I tell composer/the project to use the new structure instead of the old one?

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how3 April 29, 2018
Accepted Answer

Just create var directory. After that composer install and composer update will work ok.



protected static function useNewDirectoryStructure(array $options)
    return isset($options['symfony-var-dir']) && is_dir($options['symfony-var-dir']);

So you need both to have symfony-var-dir in composer.json's extra and have this directory existing.

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