Nodejs app doesn't run with pm2

September 7, 2019 68 views
Node.js Ubuntu 16.04

My Pm2 works fine but my web app won’t run. Then when I check the pm2 report, I get errored on status for both PM2 list and daemon logs. I am using pm2 version 3.2.2 and node version 8.0.0.

the code I run is pm2 start src/index.js and it is a react web app

How can I solve this?

1 Answer


What are the exact errors that you get?

Also if you have not already checked the pm2 logs, I would recommend checking your pm2 logs with this command:

pm2 logs

If you are unsure, you could share the logs here so I could advise you further.

If there are no errors, then the problem might be with your application.


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