php no longer rendering on LAMP after updates

May 7, 2017 1.6k views
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I recently updated Ubuntu and updated most of the apps. Somewhere along the way php got updated and is no longer being rendered, it shows up as a text file. Php works from the command line, and returns appropriate version information (7.0.15). Apache shows php7_module in the module list and is otherwise working fine. Restarting Apache didn’t help.

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Fixed it!

php7 used a new config file which didn’t have the mod_userdir lines commented out to allow user directories access.

1) Try to run:
sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php
sudo a2dismod mpm_event
sudo a2enmod mpm_prefork
and check your webapp. Hopefully, it should have resolved.

2) If not, Then:
sudo apt-get install php-fpm
a2enconf php7.0-fpm

In 90% chances, it should resolve.

  • Did all of the listed, restarted apache, no change.

    Might just be easier to backup and create a new droplet at this point.

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