Please update the rdns/ptr settings asap for my new droplet (centos 6.9 x86 with cwp)

February 5, 2018 892 views
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Hello Team,

I have 2 droplets namely ‘old-droplet’ and '’. So, initially, the droplet 'old-droplet’ was named '’. But now, there’s this new droplet '’. The rdns ptr settings done from the hosting provider(digitalocean itself) for my new droplet (centos 6.9 x86 with centos web panel) gives me an error saying contact your hosting provider! I guess this error is because the rdns ptr settings still point to the old-droplet. Now, I want it to be changed to the new droplet '’. Kindly do the same for me asap. Thanks.

1 Answer

If you name your droplet to a domain that resolves to its IP - Your PTR records will be automatically generated.

droplet floating IP: 123.456.789.90

A:Record for -> 123.456.789.90

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