Postgresql database server not working in iso recovery mode.

January 23, 2018 1.3k views
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My droplet data was compromised. So I setup my droplet in iso recovery mode I can access my files but i can not access my database server. I am using postgresql as database.

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ryanpq MOD February 2, 2018
Accepted Answer

The Recovery ISO is a standalone Linux environment. Instead of booting your droplet's disk your droplet is directed to boot using the kernel and operating system located within the recovery ISO.

This allows even a droplet with serious operating system problems that prevent booting to be booted into and fixed. It does not however allow you to run the services located on your droplet - at least not easily or well.

We would recommend correcting whatever issue required the use of the Recovery ISO first. Then once you can boot your droplet normally you can address issues with your database server.

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