Presign link for download not working with aws sdk golang

Posted February 13, 2020 2.7k views
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Hello guys, I have some issues to make work a DO spaces presign url in aws golang sdk.
I have the following code snippet:

import (

key := parameters.ObjectStorageKey
    secret := parameters.ObjectStorageSecret

    s3Config := &aws.Config{
        Credentials: credentials.NewStaticCredentials(key, secret, ""),
        Endpoint:    aws.String(parameters.ObjectStorageEndpoint),
        Region:      aws.String(parameters.ObjectStorageRegion),

    newSession, err := session.NewSession(s3Config)
    if err != nil {
        return "", err

    s3Client := s3.New(newSession)

    req, _ := s3Client.GetObjectRequest(&s3.GetObjectInput{
        Bucket: aws.String(parameters.ObjectStorageBucketErp),
        Key:    aws.String("MY_OBJECT_KEY"),

    urlStr, header, err := req.PresignRequest(10 * time.Minute)
    if err != nil {


It is generating the url, but when I put it to browser it gives me access denied error. When I generate a link in the control panel it is working without any issue.

What I experienced there is a difference in the link generated by my code and in the control panel.

Link generated in the control panel look like this:**MY_BUCKET**/MY_OBJECT_KEY

Link generated by my code is like this:

I don’t know if its cause the problem or not, but I stuck here…
Is there anything what I’m doing wrong?


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1 answer

Next day it is just working… Don’t know what was the problem yesterday, but now it’s fine. So above you can see a working golang example :).