Prevent Apache crash when upload

March 24, 2016 1.8k views
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Hello I’m uploading some website backups (.zip file) on my droplet with filezilla but through graph console i can see a high Bandwidth consumption and Apache crashing during upload but upload don’t stopping, how i can fix Apache crash?
thank you

  • I would recommend checking your apache logs in /var/log/apache2

    Uploading files via Filezilla does so using the SSH daemon and the Apache daemon is not at all involved in that process. Apache should log the error that caused it to crash. If you can share that section of your log file here I’d be happy to get you pointed in the right direction to resolve it.

  • Hello thank you for reply! Maybe isn’t Apache crash because i see nothing in error.log, latest info was record at the 14.46 but the crash was about the 16.30. Its strange because all site i ahve on virtual host go up after apache restart…
    currently i uploading another zip file, and bandwidth consuption is this

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