Require more details regarding Managed MySQL services

October 23, 2019 115 views
DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database
  1. How is read scaling performed? For example if an existing architecture utilizes one master and two slaves for reads, how does this translate into an equivalent digital ocean managed mysql package?

  2. Where are backup data stored? How do we access backups when necessary?

  3. Are standby nodes geographically dispersed or hosted in the same datacenter as the primary nodes?

1 Answer

Hello, @whitwhoa

I will recommend you to check their official documentation as you can answer more of your questions by checking it:

Regarding the backups you can also use automation for backups so this can be really handy. You can check this tutorial on how to restore a MySQL cluster from Backups:

I hope this helps!

by Mark Drake
Managed databases were developed to reduce the pain points commonly associated with database administration. This conceptual article outlines what managed databases are, how they can be beneficial to development teams, and some practical considerations one should make before building an application on top of one.
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