Reset wordpress dashboard password from command line

July 28, 2018 1.8k views
One-Click Install Apps WordPress Ubuntu 16.04

I lost the password for the wordpress dashboard. I can login as root to the droplet via SSH. I am using the wordpress 1-click install (Ubuntu 16.04) on my droplet. I have no mail server setup. How do I reset the dashboard user and password via command line from the root account?

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You could use phpmyadmin or something like that and change the admin e-mail and click reset password if you’ve set a dummy e-mail. I know this isn’t really the answer to your question but since i don’t know that one i’ve come up with the next best thing.

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Thanks, Alex! Much appreciated. That worked. Actually, a proper google search for “wordpress reset dashboard users from command line” also yielded the exact answer to my question.

in one click install, we do not get phpmyadmin installed, do we?
i need to reset my password and have one-click install
please assist

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