setting up domain name only works with "" not ""

August 9, 2016 1.7k views
DNS Ubuntu

Do I have a config messed up somewhere? I have made a domain before and never had this issue, not sure what I have messed up. works, does not

  • Can you share some more information on exactly what you’re doing and where you are entering the domain in this way as well as what error message or issue you’re running into when doing that?

  • domain is from namecheap. linking namecheap domain to the ns1/2/

    entering domain name into digital ocean’s “networking” and connecting it to my lamp server (as

    have the ip connected within that config webpage. unsure where mistake could be as I checked all my typos

  • also there is no error message persay, the error is that the domain should be not

2 Answers

it looked like in my namecheap pointer I had the NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM in all caps with a period at the end.

Moved it to and it worked. My mistake everyone, thanks for the help

  • Thank you for reporting back! I’m happy to hear that it’s working now.

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