Since a WordPress URL change I can't connect to DO Managed MySQL database

Posted December 21, 2021 165 views
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So we have a WordPress 5.7 site running on an Ubuntu 16.04.3 x64 droplet, which uses a separate DigitalOcean managed MySQL 8 database. All was fine but I needed to change the site’s url. I did this and suddenly I got the dreaded ‘Error establishing a database connection’ and I can’t access it, or the wp-admin at all.

The WordPress site is a Trellis LEMP stack site. PHP version 7.3.19-1.

Things I have checked/done.

Added the DNS to point to the droplet for the new domain name.

Initially I altered all occurrences of the old domain name with the new domain name, in the database wpoptions table, and with a 'wp search-replace '’ '’ –skip-columns=guid’, and updated the etc/nginx/sites-available/mysite_name.conf to match the new domain.

In the .env file DBNAME, DBUSER, DBPASSWORD and DBHOST are correct - I haven’t altered them and have compared with the DO DB connection details page.

I can connect to the DB okay using MySQL Workbench.

If I SSH into the droplet I can run a 'wp db check’ and everything passes with the credentials it has saved.

I tried a PHP file to check DB connection using mysqli($DBHOST, $DBUSER, $DBPASSWORD, $DBNAME) and this reports (Warning: mysqli::_construct(): The server requested authentication method unknown to the client [cachingsha2_password]).

The user used to connect is set to 'Legacy MySQL 5.x’ in DO DB control panel.

I tried to create a new user from scratch.

Droplet is added as a trusted source to the DB (I changed nothing in the control panel since it worked)

I rebooted the droplet, and asked DO to reboot the DB instance.

I can SSH into my WP droplet and telnet into the managed db instance fine.

The site is not secured with SSL, but it wasn’t before the name change so I figured that wasn’t the problem.

This is a staging setup so no one is screaming yet, but I need to get this running ASAP!

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

Many thanks!

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1 answer

This turned out to be an issue with php7.3-fpm.service, which was required to be running, but wasn’t as php7.1-fpm.service was running instead. No idea how or why, but stopping one and starting the other fixed the issue immediately.