SSH Operation not permitted

November 27, 2016 4.4k views
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SSH was working perfectly to my server but suddenly I started getting this error "Operation not permitted". Console access, which was also working, now requires a login/password. I haven't made any changes - this suddenly stopped working. Any ideas?


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bhavinv November 27, 2016
Accepted Answer

Interesting - rebooting my Mac resolved the issue. Thanks.

The console should always require a password, use your SSH details.

  • Thanks - I don't remember entering one on Console but it's very possible that I am mistaken since I hardly used the Console. I need to fix that mainly since I prefer working on my native terminal than logging in via the Console. What's the reason for the sudden error "Operation not permitted" using SSH private / public keys (passwordless)

    • Difficult to say, might be a permissions issue. The console will allow you to fix it.

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