subdomain show as Server not found

August 8, 2017 1.6k views
DNS Ubuntu 16.04

Hi there ,

at first, I am very happy to be one of this company family.

i have a new doplet ubuntu 16.4 and after i configure my plesk on my doplet i forced a problem that is as following :
when add a new subdomain to my primary domain actsolcloud.com and apply the dns templates i have a problem when i reach this site as the following " Server not found " aslo this problem with web main of the primary domain.
my major problem in ,y subdomain rama.actsolcloud.com

can any one here help me ??

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lampreyOne August 8, 2017
Accepted Answer

Did you add the DNS record recently? It may not have propagated yet.
You can check https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/rama.actsolcloud.com to see

  • dear, how can add it ?

    • I don't know where you're hosting your DNS so can't really give specifics on how to add the record.

      You should have a CNAME record for rama under actsolcould.com pointing to actsolcloud.com, or an A record pointing to the IP address of the server. One or the other, you don't need both.

Did you add a DNS A-Record for that subdomain?

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