Terrible Customer Support

August 22, 2016 5.8k views
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Be thankful to god that no problem should ever arise in your journey with DO. Because when there is an issue, DO as bad as any other hosting in the market.

  • Ok, I'm a little upset. So bare with me. I just left Linode to come here. Spent ALL day working on a server Droplet and at the end I install Postfix. Problem with VERY FIRST email sent out to test my postfix setup...the email was blocked by GOOGLE. Their error message says my (very new) ip address is on a spam blacklist?!?! I look and look and look for support button ...find support ticket button....yea. Fill out ticket...receive my own ticket(boooo) with a link for me to respond TO MYSELF. OMG. The sun is coming up now. WHY is the ticket I am sending to DIGITAL OCEAN for support being sent to myself to answer? Am I understanding this set up wrong somehow? Is there another support area? Here is my ticket----> https://cloud.digitalocean.com/support/tickets/1566868?i=0611fd

  • After a mistaken charge back, a new credit card was added and DO continued to bill the account. Regardless, the account was disabled and droplets removed after 2 days, robbing a non-profit used to benefit newly released felons of it's web presence and data. An over-eagerness to delete data that costs you near nothing to maintain - not validating that emails were read and data backed up - all reasons to never host anything critical with DO.

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ryanpq MOD August 22, 2016
Accepted Answer

We are more than willing to help you with whatever issue you may be encountering but you won't get much accomplished on this community forum without providing any details of the issue. If you had a poor experience with our customer support team please share the ticket number so we can bring it to the attention of the Support management team for review.

  • Hi Ryanpq,

    Thank god that I found you.

    I am just wondering what I have done wrong when contacting DO support. My issue was so important to me but the ticket was deliberately closed when my questions were still pending and there was not any further communication from support. It was just quietly closed and closed even I resubmitted it. The ID of the ticket is 1606708

    Thank you for taking a look and your help.


Support is not terrible. DigitalOcean has NO suppost at all.

My websites were down. Backups are only once a week, and backups didn't work.
So, no response from DO several DAYS and NO help furher.
I was able to solve the issue with help of 3d party specialists.
Stupid billing and tax system.
Thinking about changing hosting provider.

Higly unreliable hosting service.

Hi, the issue was related to network connectivity with DO data center. I appreciate the fact that DO has the most robust setup. Thus, the possibility of having any issue is almost none. However, whenever there is an issue, responses have not been very satisfactory for me. First response and follow-up responses are very slow.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. I've touched base with our support team and while our privacy policy prohibits me from sharing any account specific details here I can say that:

    1.) our team is aware of connectivity issues between DO and one specific ISP that web believe is in your region.

    2.) Our team will request MTR/Ping results in these cases so we can provide data to the ISP or otherwise investigate further.

    3.) The ticket I was able to identify appears to be awaiting a response from you.

    In cases like these we reach out to our providers and when feasible we reach out to the affected ISP. Having real test results from users having the problem is vital since we cannot see things outside our network with the clarity that a user at that end can so your response is an important aspect and helping to get this resolved.

The issue appears to be resolved.

Today the same problem occured again. From last three hours I am waiting for a replay. I have replied twice.

I cannot believe this is the quality of DO support.

Support is terrible... my server is blocked for 4 hours without answer... And I cant get my data to create another droplet... I ask help but they dont care...

Is it long enough 30 min of waiting in order to get at least a "Hello" from CS? Or should I wait more? : )

is the service at this company still this bad???? thinking of moving to DO... but the fact they have NO support OR sales phone number... and apparently don't reply to email quickly either... no sure.

How is service here in 2017?

  • they took my payment yesterday and still have not delivered anything that i paid for, 24 hours later. After reading all the issues people are having i wish i had gone with a different VPS service provider.

Agree Service is awful. Worst thing i ever had. My droplet is down for like 15 mins now and i have opened a ticket...no one answers???? wow just wow...SERVICE S-U-C-K-S i dont even know why i am paying anymore...

Agree there service is terrible... looks like time to say good bye to DO and switch to another reliable provider like Amazon.

Your service and support team are very bad exp in my carrier. droplet has been out of networking. we try to solve many times created 10 tickets but did not receive any reply and solution. this is my production server.

Teeerrrriblleee support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Awwwful!!! They claim that they can't do anytihing since the droplet is a ''black box'' for them....

Since they tell you this..... it means if anything goes wrong, you are on your own!

Worst service I have ever seen,

My account got suspended due to late payment, I just cleared all of dues few days back and since then I have inquired multiple times about the status; one of their support guy named “Jason” (more like an Indian guy with a fake name and poor English) responded that my account is under surveillance at their trust and safety department, which of course doesn’t make any sense and the way he has responded was completely unprofessional and even the sentences don’t make any sense at all.

Very poor customer support.

Terrible support.
My droplet is down for 3 days,I have an open ticket but they take in average 12 hours to reply back. I understand we are not paying for support but 12 hours is VERY BAD. I am with them almost 5 years now i am thinking to move to amazon

I also agree that the customer support doesn't seem to meet the required standards.
no phone support at all. opened a ticket few hours ago and no response till now.

looks like when an urgent response is required, cannot rely on digital ocean email support. not good to grow your company on an infrastructure provided by a company that doesn't seem to respond promptly to tickets and doesn't provide phone support.

My server has been down for TWO DAYS! Please help with Ticket #725971.

Moving to Alibaba's $4.50/month service. Unbelievable lack of response at DO.

Terrible, a year ago, when we started to use DO, it used to work fine, but now, even spending 20x more, no ticket takes less than 12 hours, in all the last tickets we give up the help, in most cases we can not waiting for so much, detail is that we have opened 7 tickets in more than a year, they can not answer for the 1 single ticket per month (nor even enough).

I am not happy with the support,my website is down since 1hour and they dont have any care i opened the ticket as well but no response up till now ,pathetic support.

I am seriously thinking to switch hosting to another hosting provider. Anyone who can suggest me good hosting provider,ill really appreciate.



Their "support" is full of idiots. I am asking one question, and they are responding to absolutely another. They absolutely did not read my responses and continues to write random answers.

The worst support ever in the hosting market!
I have been hosting websites and web applications for more than 10 years, and I have never been in a situation were the support did not reply to my emails!

They disabled networking on one of my droplets one week ago, and they do not reply to emails since then! I am sending them emails since one week and no one replied!
I'm so gonna find another serious hosting provider!

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