Troubleshooting "This site can't be reached"

October 31, 2019 520 views
DigitalOcean Docker Applications

I’ve been successfully using the Metabase droplet for quite a while.
Few days ago, I tried opening the link I normally use and I get an error (tried every browser).
The droplet itself is active, I tried rebooting it a few time, but nothing.
I was wondering if anyone could help on the necessary steps to troubleshoot the problem.
Thanks a lot.

2 Answers

Hello, @caioac87

May I ask if you access the site using a domain name or via the IP address of your server/droplet? If you’re using a domain name can you please check/verify that the domain name is properly pointed to your droplet and that the DNS is working fine? You can use and check if the A record is pointed to the IP address of your server.

Let me know how it goes.

I’m using the IP address… no DNS setup

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