Unable to SSH as new user

September 21, 2019 138 views
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Hi there!

After creating a new user account and adding to sudo list, when I try to SSH as that user, I get a “permission denied (publickey)” notice. I am not sure what is going on.

2 Answers

I think I have managed to resolve this using the steps here.

This can happen for a few reasons. One is that you have not added the key as an authorized key for that user.

If you added a Public and Private key pair when you provisioned the droplet you can copy the /root/authorized_keys file to the users ~/.ssh directory with the commends below (as root)

cp /root/authorized_keys /home/USERNAME/.ssh
chmod -R 0600 /home/USERNAME/.ssh/*

The above commands copy the authorized_keys file to your users home/.ssh directory and sets the user/group ownership and file permissions. REPLACE USERNAME WITH YOUR USERNAME

Another reason is your system has to many keys loaded and is failing due to multiple authorization failures. Try:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/private_key USERNAME@IP/HOST

Please keep in mind the key pair needs to match as an authorized pair for this user as noted above.

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