VPS features do you recommend for?

August 31, 2018 682 views
Java MySQL Ubuntu 16.04

I need to deploy a web service in glasfish 4 and a mySql database, what VPS features do you recommend for?

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jarland MOD August 31, 2018
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Hey friend!

That’s a great question. Oracle recommends 2GB of memory for the server. Given the addition of MySQL and unexpected external factors (unexpected crawlers, etc), I would recommend 4GB of ram to safely deploy your configuration.

It should be noted that every situation has it’s own unique circumstances, and it is possible to develop an application that should fit within that 4GB, but which actually fails to fit within even 64GB. As long as you are following best practices to optimize your code (which is a very relative thing to say), you should be on a good path :)


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