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October 7, 2017 673 views
Billing DigitalOcean

Hello, i just added 5$ in my account and i received this message Your account is under review and you will shortly receive an email from us with any next steps. How long it takes? Thanks.

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same as me, how long will i get reviewed?

i ever create do before, and there is no review like this.

Same here... some months ago there is no review like this :(

Well, in my case this occur when I create a new digital ocean account and add R$ 10,00 via PAYPAL.

Today is 08/10/2017 (sunday) weekend day, I pay R$ 10,00 at 09:00 AM, lets see what time it will be released....

  • Well... today (12:12 AM) I receive a message with the next steps, they redirect me to an website page to give my UserName, Name, Telephone, ** Location** and the type of traffic that my server will be get.

    When I send the form I receive the following e-mail: Thanks for taking the time to fill out the form. Our team manually reviews these answers and will get back to you shortly!

    *MANUALLY REVIEWS *....It was as I imagined, this will take time :/

    • Today is 10/10/2017 at 12:53 I receive the following e-mail from digital ocean: Thank you for relaying this information to us. With the details you have provided, we've gone ahead and removed the hold from your account..

      Now I can create my droplet.

Same here lets see how long it takes. I have my reservations about AWS but they at least don't treat me like a criminal.

hello people any news about this review? :/ im still waiting since 24hours

I got it too, that make me very unhappy

that's not good, same problem, so as WillRoll said, we have to wait more than 2 days, this is not fair

Same problem,it has been more than 2 days under reviewing.

So am I. I have waited 7 days and haven't receive any email. It's very stupid!

Same as me,I paid via paypal 3 day ago,how long time to reviewing my account?

So am I. How long do I need to wait?

same Here!its been 24hours now!! PLEASE DO SOMETHING DIGITAL OCEAN!!WE HAVE WORK TO DO!!😣😣😣

ou I think ..I have to thinking about another alternative

I should have a Droplet ASAP
It's weird, and I've paid
I hate waiting

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