Hello, i just added 5$ in my account and i received this message Your account is under review and you will shortly receive an email from us with any next steps. How long it takes? Thanks.

  • same state,where can query my account is avaiable?

  • Also facing this issue. Paid into account on Oct 5th. Opened a support ticket on the 12th, got inconclusive answer, then another response to my further probing that made it seem as though multiple people were handling my ticket but not reading the previous messages. Still no resolution.

  • I see that this is recurring issue for many.

    I wanted to test this out to see whether I should switch some workloads here but after reading this thread, I must say that my expectations from this service have dropped dramatically and my company will probably not be switching over any workloads.

    I’ve just created and account and added some balance using paypal. The account is stuck on “under review” and I can’t seem to be able to do anything. Based on the comments here, it seems that the review process may take more than a week (WHAT?!??!). Given platforms like AWS, Azure and whatever IBM has, How is this acceptable at this day and age?

    What needs to happen so that an official Digital Ocean response is posted here?

  • Same problem !!! 7 days waiting and nothing !!!

    Paid with Paypal at 20-12, corfimed at 20-12 by Digital Ocean… And surprise me… Nooothinngggg !!!!

    digital ocean has the worst system I’ve ever seen

  • I just paid $ 5 and my account is “under supervision” …
    The DIGITAL OCEAN service is very poor.

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I should have a Droplet ASAP
It’s weird, and I’ve paid
I hate waiting

Same problem !

same as me, how long will i get reviewed?

i ever create do before, and there is no review like this.

Same here… some months ago there is no review like this :(

Well, in my case this occur when I create a new digital ocean account and add R$ 10,00 via PAYPAL.

Today is 08/10/2017 (sunday) weekend day, I pay R$ 10,00 at 09:00 AM, lets see what time it will be released....

  • Well… today (12:12 AM) I receive a message with the next steps, they redirect me to an website page to give my UserName, Name, Telephone, ** Location** and the type of traffic that my server will be get.

    When I send the form I receive the following e-mail: Thanks for taking the time to fill out the form. Our team manually reviews these answers and will get back to you shortly!

    *MANUALLY REVIEWS *....It was as I imagined, this will take time :/

Same here lets see how long it takes. I have my reservations about AWS but they at least don’t treat me like a criminal.

hello people any news about this review? :/ im still waiting since 24hours

I got it too, that make me very unhappy

that’s not good, same problem, so as WillRoll said, we have to wait more than 2 days, this is not fair

Same problem,it has been more than 2 days under reviewing.

So am I. I have waited 7 days and haven’t receive any email. It’s very stupid!

Same as me,I paid via paypal 3 day ago,how long time to reviewing my account?

So am I. How long do I need to wait?

same Here!its been 24hours now!! PLEASE DO SOMETHING DIGITAL OCEAN!!WE HAVE WORK TO DO!!😣😣😣

ou I think ..I have to thinking about another alternative

Omg, money gone and account under review. Worst company.

24 more hours have passed and I have not received email verification yet

It’s been 8 days (!!) since I’ve payed and I still haven’t got an email.
This is absolutely unacceptable..

im still waiting, one week have passed, what can i do!!!!!!

Same here today. Seems like a global issue and will need to move legally if the situation doesn’t change.

Me too --
WTF so waste my time -
oh man ..!!! luckily I just deposit only 5USD -_-
I can’t imagine when I deposit My money for servers plan for my team

apply on 30 Nov
and now still waiting.......suxk

Well, it says “minutes”, it’s been an hour, I hope they don’t mean thousands of minutes

Same thing happening to me…

Same problem, it’s already a month since I’ve paid it using PayPal

This is disgrace, I payed money for droplet but have “We’re reviewing your account”, and support only say “I completely understand”, “We’ll get back to you about your account status shortly”, “In order to investigate further on your issue, I will be moving this ticket to our Trust and Safety Department” … what is this?!?!?!? For what I pay?!?!?!?!?!

saua mengalami masalah yang sama, saya sudah deposit usd $5 di 2 akun yang berbeda, namun semua sama aja .
“We’re reviewing your account
Your account is under review and you will shortly receive an email from us with any next steps.”

This is insane. i have production servers that i have been blocked from accessing. digital ocean SUCKS.

Digital ocean should change their system to not reviewing an account for a couple days.
If digital ocean want to review an account, it should be before sending the payment.!

I got it too. I'am using DO service since 2015, but now this problem make me very unhappy

I’m very new to this platform.
Not only they did not accepted my visa and master cards, and after accepting the payment now they’re not verifying my account.
I mean what the hell, there is nothing there, what they need to verify?

Extremely disappointed.

Strange situation, I thought I will be able to run my server as soon as I pay and now this “reviewing” thing… Well, I’ll have time to try and setup my own hardware. ;)

Second time around with the “We’re reviewing your account…” status. First I waited almost 24hrs and then I got email! which says: “We’ve finished reviewing your account and need additional
information to allow access to the DigitalOcean platform.” I sign in, It wants to verify my account by having me sign in to Github, Google.... so I signed in with Github, a few steps later and.... back to “We’re reviewing your account…”. I am back to waiting.

I have 2 account active in digital ocean, but now all of them are under review.
On first account i have been waiting for 2 days but still nothing.
This is unacceptable.

And Remember, There is no customer service line.

Same problem!!!

Should I apply for a refund?

It’s a stupid decision to choose DigitalOcean. I should go directly to Vultr.

Why did the DigitalOcean’s team have no reply here?

Same problem ! No one answer for this. Maybe call a lawyer?

1 feb 2018 still reviewing

Same problem here…

Is there any solution ?

i same problem too , i am get email : We’re reviewing your account
i need solution this problem ?

i same problem too , i am get email : We’re reviewing your account
i need solution this problem ?

Why does Digital ocean not fix the reviewing your account problem issue?

I have the same problem.

I guess we can cross this one off the list as a possibility for cloud migration if there’s that much trouble at the gate. Accepting payment without rendering service is considered theft in some nations.

i also have the same problem, just deposit $50 today

Waiting for my account, the same thing happened to me, I already order 2 ocean account first escaped the review & the second has not managed to pass some checks, very disturbing me once in doing the job, but I’m sure if they have done the best for my account, but please do not be long because I need the account to do for my work.

Akun Digital ocean kena under review ?.Ada yang bisa bantu ?

sudah kirim $40 tetai akun kena tinjau web tiket tidak mennanggapi secapa profesional busuuuukk sekali ini saya katakan.

How long should i waiting for review? I have been waiting it for half a month!fuck!

Why did I choose Digital Ocean? Whyyyyyyyyyy… I lost my money, time, and i think job.

May 30th, let’s see how long it takes. I should have read this review first before choosing DigitalOcean.

I think I made my decision in swithcing to AWS. The competitive prices offered by DO just aren’t enough if the overall process gets stuck at this stage of setting things up.

the worst company, i lost my money ! anybody know how should i do as the account had been locked for one day.

2 days after and still reviewing please fix this!!

Same has happened to me

6 hours and waiting..... :(

10 hours and still waiting.. shame..

I too am waiting the same issue here
Why has this issue still not been looked into?????????

I just added an ICICI VISA Debit card, and now the account is under review :(

I wish that I have read this topic before sign up to use Digital Ocean … Now my account is stuck at under reviewing step, luckily just top up only $5 through Paypal … :(



oh my god, same problem, sad new year :c, i don’t see people saying that the problem is fixed

my account is Locked, and they didin’t even explain why, no reason, i paid my 5 dollars and “We’re reviewing your account”.

it’s a good service, fast vps, don’t give up, make another account, it works for me, really good service, but support… good luck if you are in the same situation

OMG, got the same problem. What happen with Digitalocean?

Hello, i just added 100$ in my account and i received this message Your account is under review and you will shortly receive an email from us with any next steps. How long it takes? Thanks.

Same thing happened to me! This is not a hacker attack! This is a company standard of hurting customers! This is a shame for a company that was serious.

They just waited for me to pay to block me and take my site down!

Who can pass away from this company !!!

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